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This website is created to pass the time and to beat the blues during the COVID-19 lockdown in Malaysia. We risk our taste buds, sanity, and health eating these things so that everyone else doesn't have to.

You're welcome.


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Why not just cook your own meals?
We're lazy. Also, there are people that don't observe social distancing at the stores, and if we were to catch COVID-19, it'd better be for reasons that are more meaningful or entertaining than "Some moron stood too close to me!" Oh, and the stores aren't well stocked. We can't all be Nancy Pelosi stuffing our faces with $12-a-pint ice creams, sadly.

Hello. Food delivery?
Did you see the delivery charges over here? Plus the eateries mark up their prices when it comes to delivery services. The extra charges add up, and this is a time to save as much money as we can, not spend more of it.

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