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Ayamas Masak Merah Chicken "Ayam masak merah" is a dish from this part of the world - it's chicken cooked in spicy tomato sauce. Ayamas Masak Merah Chicken comes with thick tomato gravy. The sweet tomato taste is a little too overpowering for my liking, but shockingly enough, the whole thing doesn't taste too bad at all. Especially for canned food! With some freshly boiled potato chunks and maybe some extra herbs added in, this one may come close to being delicious.
Ayamas Oriental Sauce Chicken with Mushroom "Oriental sauce" can be anything, and it turns out that Ayamas Oriental Sauce Chicken with Mushroom is soft chicken bits covered in a gravy composed of soy sauce and oyster sauce. At least the whole thing tastes like chicken, I guess, although the gravy is too watery for its own good.

Yeo's Chicken in Soy Sauce with Potatoes Yeo's Chicken in Soy Sauce with Potatoes tastes awful. The soy sauce gravy doesn't mash with the potatoes at all, making the latter feel and taste like rubbery dough coated with slime. Everything tastes salty and oily, and a part of me fears that the whole thing may be some kind of living alien protoplasm that will soon erupt from my torso.
Yeo's Chicken Curry with Potatoes Yeo's Chicken Curry with Potatoes combines the flavors of turpentine, melted rubber, bilge water, and other indescribable materials for a bewilderingly addictive dish. The chicken pieces are too soft to be almost inedible; you can actually chew the bones. The slimy potato chunks are inexplicably yummy, though.
Yeo's Curry Rendang with Potatoes Yeo's Chicken Rendang with Potatoes is a sweetened version of the chicken curry, only, unlike the latter, this one looks and tastes like the crap it resembles. Sweet crap, but still crap.

Adabi Spicy Mussels Adabi Spicy Mussels tastes like soggy socks dipped in oil and chilli. Not much taste. Gross.
Adabi Sambal Cockles Adabi Sambal Cockles also tastes like soggy socks dipped in oil and chilli. Probably the same gross gravy as the above. Cockles have that "frozen for too long and reek when you bite into them" taste.
Adabi Chicken Rendang Adabi Chicken Rendang has soggy, soft chicken chunks and some potato pieces dipped in oil, chilli, and too much sugar. This isn't rendang as much as it is a type 2 diabetes version of chicken curry.
Adabi Chicken Kurma Adabi Chicken Kurma tastes like rubber pieces drenched in kerosene. I'm sure chicken kurma shouldn't taste like this.

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